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Parish Council Minutes from meeting held on December 4th 2017

FULMODESTON PC – Minutes 4-12-17


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Parish Council Meeting Minutes – October 2nd 2017

FULMODESTON PC – Minutes 2-10-17

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Parish Council Notices and Statements

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FPC Expenditure to 31:03:17

Annual Governance Statement 2016:7

Annual Return Audit PC

Fulmodeston Parish Counci1 – Bank Rec 2017

Fulmodeston Parish Council – Variances explanation 2016-2017

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, July 24th 2017

FULMODESTON PC – Minutes 24-7-17

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Parish Council Account 2017 – Notice



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Parish Council Draft Minutes 22nd May 2017

FULMODESTON PC – Minutes 22-5-17 ( Annual Parish Council meeting – AGM)

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Anglia Water Sewerage Scheme Public Meeting on June 15th

Anglian Water : Fulmodeston, Croxton and Barney First Time Sewerage Scheme

Public Meeting : Thursday, 15th June 2017

The Anglian Water team responsible for the proposed Main Drainage Scheme will be holding a public meeting at 7.00pm on Thursday, 15th June in the Old School Hall.

The outline of the scheme will be explained and individual questions answered.

Everyone is welcome to attend.


A detailed plan of the proposals will be available at the meeting.

The connection offer booklet is available online – for a copy please email me at the address below or click on this link: Connection offer booklet

Mike Marshall


01328 878053

Parish Council Update



The Seven Members of the Parish Council [there is currently a vacancy] are elected to serve the people in our community. Please make contact if you need assistance with a PC matter.

Code 01328

Nigel Janes [Chairman]                                                                                                                                                          

Acacia House, Croxton Road, Fulmodeston                                                             878648

email nigel.janes@g.mail.com

David Parker [Vice-Chairman]                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Lodge, Common Farm, Hindolveston Road, Fulmodeston NR21 ONG        878923

email dpa4781687@aol.com  

Andrew Lee

Field End, Croxton Road, Fulmodeston, NR21 0NJ                                                         878870

email gillandrewlee@btinternet.com

Mike Marshall                                                                                                            878053    

South East Cottage, 34 The Street, Barney, NR21 0NB

email mike.marshall41@btinternet.com

Josephine Marston                                                                                                 878550

Church Farm House, The Street, Barney

Mary Runciman                                                                                                           878878

Croxton Farm, Croxton NR21 0NP

email mary.runciman@btinternet.com

PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS, all on Mondays, are open to the public and include some time when Council business is suspended to allow members of the public opportunity to speak. In addition there is an Annual Parish Meeting (APM) usually in April or May, which provides a forum for the whole community to hear reports and discuss matters of local concern.

All meetings are held in the Old School Hall at Fulmodeston at 7.30pm

Your Parish Clerk is Kevin Webb                                                                            


1 Townshend Green West, Fakenham NR21 8NQ

e mail the.webbs59@btinternet.com


Your District Councillor (on North Norfolk District Council) is

Mr. Pierre Butikofer

01263 838306

(mobile 07773 907947)

e mail: pierre.butikofer@north-norfolk.gov.uk

He can assist with constituency matters relating to the District Council.


Your County Councillor (on Norfolk County Council) is Steffan Aquarone,

email steffan.aquarone.cllr@norfolk.gov.uk [mobile 07879 451608] County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH

He can assist with constituency matters relating to the County Council


Agendas and Minutes of Parish Council Meetings are displayed on the 3 public notice boards in Barney and Fulmodeston and on the Parish Council website. Google Fulmodeston Parish Council    Add it to your favourites and subscribe to news bulletins.                  


Updated 23/5/17

Parish Council Minutes 3/4/2017

FULMODESTON PC – Minutes 3-4-17 ( Parish Council meeting)


Click on the link for the minutes for the 3/4/2017 Council Meeting

Anglian Water Sewerage Scheme

Anglian Water : Fulmodeston, Barney & Croxton Sewerage Scheme

The Parish Council met with representatives of Anglian Water for an informal briefing on the proposed sewerage scheme, construction of which is due to commence in February 2018, although the work may not be completed throughout the parish for some 8 to 12 months.

AW will give a presentation to the whole community in early June [ date to be agreed ] prior to which a copy of the Anglian Water first time sewerage connection offer booklet will be sent to all residents with an invitation to attend the presentation meeting. An electronic copy of the connection offer booklet is available – if you would like a copy please email me at the my address below.

If you wish to contact Anglian Water before the June meeting please call John Lambert on 01733 414460 jlambert@anglianwater.co.uk


Mike Marshall mike.marshall41@btinternet.com


5th April 2017