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Book Club

The Book Club regular meetings return to the third Tuesday of the month from 21st February 2012.

The Long Song by Andrea Levy will be presented by Christine and Roger Blackman

New members are welcome – 7pm at Old School Hall Fulmodeston. If you would like to join us get more information from David Waites –   or  01328 878240.

David Waites



New members are welcome – 7pm at Old School Hall Fulmodeston. If you would like to join us get more information from David Waites –   or  01328 878240.

David Waites

Book Club at Barney and Fulmodeston – January  2012.

Book Club 2012 starts its fourth momentous year on Thursday, January 19th with Alex Garland’s ‘The Beach’ – a teasing, taut novel that soon spirals, gurgling into the sparkling Gulf of Thailand. Those with a reindeer wrapped Kindle may yet download this tale whose profane heart harks back to ‘Lord of The Flies’ and ‘Heart of Darkness’.

New members are welcome from January 19th 2012 – 7pm at Old School Hall Fulmodeston. If you intend to join us get your more information from David Waites –   or  01328 878240.

David Waites

Fulmodeston January 2012 Newsletter


Click on the link for the Fulmodeston January Newsletter 2012

Parish Gardens Project

Parish Gardens Project


Parish Gardens at Barney: a new Development! Come and Join Us!

Help and Smaller Plots Available to new Gardeners

Many of you may be aware of the area of land in Barney (to the rear of Phillipo’s Farm) kindly set aside by Astley Farms, for those who wish to rent a plot to grow their own food. This scheme has been running for three growing seasons and was established as a result of a need identified in the Community Plan.


The produce we have grown has been of good quality in spite of the difficult weather of the past two years and the soil is getting into great shape. We are saving a lot of money ‘growing our own’ and the garden fresh veggies taste really good. There is a communal shed and green house. Organic manure is supplied by the farm. You can choose to join our organic seed buying scheme or can buy in plugs from a local organic supplier (both save money).


If you would like to join our friendly bunch of ‘Garden Plotters’ there are plots available for rent from October 1st at £50 for a full plot, size 15m by 10m.

No experience of growing? Can’t manage a full plot? Don’t know where to start? New to growing?  Help is at hand!


If there is demand, Astley Farms are willing to divide a full garden plot into smaller plots roughly 5 metres by 3.7 meters (1/8th of a plot), to suit beginners, busy families or smaller households. You will need to undertake to keep the plot and the paths around it tidy and grow organic seeds without using chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. The price would be £10fora strip this size.


Help for those new to growing will also be available on request. Two vegetable gardeners in the Parish will shortly be training to become ‘Master Gardeners’ with the charity Garden Organic.  This scheme is designed to help people who want to grow their own vegetables but don’t know where to start. We can help you with ‘what, when and how to grow’ and offer you free support on a regular basis for 12 months, to get you started. October is a good time to start planning and preparing the soil and help will be available from then.


If you are interested in renting a garden plot, please contact the Farm Secretary, Annie, at Grange Farm on 01328 822125.


If you would like more information or help with growing vegetables on the Community garden plot at Barney, or in your own garden then please contact Christine Marshall on 01328 878053 or Susan Vaughan on 01328 878295.


Stop Press

From April 1st 2011 the rental for a full plot has been reduced to £50 pa payable in two instalments.

Do you Know About the Parish Gardens Project? Would you Like to Join In but Don’t Know How?  We Can Help! Come and Visit us on Saturday 24th July.

For just over a year, around 15 people from across the Parish have been gardening on some land in Barney close to Grange Farm. These garden plots have kindly been made available for people to rent from Astley Farms. The Community Plan process identified this as a need within the community.

In that time, the plots have produced a wide range of interesting fruits, vegetables and flowers. As we garden on an organic farm, we also have to garden organically and we have the benefit of knowing our produce is chemical free, fresh and helping our native wildlife (who sometimes enjoy sharing it too!).

We have formed a very pleasant and informal social group. Growing and sharing our various experiences, surplus seeds, plants and produce has generated some good fun, friendship, excellent exercise and it’s very productive and satisfying to grow your own so we often feel very proud of ourselves too.

There are currently a couple of vacant plots but more plots can be made if demand is there. We have a shared green house and shed. The farm generously provides loads of organic muck each year and we also have the benefit of being able to bulk purchase organic seeds and plug plants at excellent prices. This benefit really makes good value of the cost of the plot. The rent is £37.50 per half year with payment in April and September.

Some gardeners were completely new to growing veg and have had fantastic crops. So if you would like to join us and don’t know your hoe from your heel, then don’t worry we can help. Some people also choose to share a plot with a friend.

If you might be interested to join us or would like to visit then please join us at the gardens on Saturday July 24th between 5.30 and 6.30pm when we will all be there to chat with you.

If you still don’t know where they are, then please ring Gloria 822112 or Christine 878053 for directions or chat to any parish garden plotter you know!

Christine Marshall


Cricket Club

Cricket Club

The Barney & Fulmodeston Cricket Club


The cricket team is gearing up for the new season 2012. For more information please contact James Dagless  on 07904025481 and look for regular updates on the website.

The sound of leather on willow and cries of owzat shortly followed by innumerable excuses will soon be heard across the Barney playing field. This can only mean one thing; the cricket season is upon us. The team open their campaign with a home fixture against Bacton on 22/4 starting at 2:00pm, followed by an away match at Aldborough on 29/4. Why not pack some sandwiches bring a flask and sun hat (alright umbrella) and come and cheer the team on!


For further details or if you are interested in joining the team please contact our fearless captain James Dagless on 07904025481


Book Club

Book Club

Please also find under News

Book Club at Barney and Fulmodeston – December 2011.

Book Club moves to the third Thursday of each month in 2012- starting on January 19th with Alex Garland’s ‘The Beach’ – an escapist Thailand set novel that soon spirals into murky depths.

There will be no Book Club meeting in December 2011 (excepting  the existing groups ‘expenses’ beano outing – date to be arranged).

New members are welcome from January 19th 2012 – 7pm at Old School Hall Fulmodeston. If you intend to join us get your book copy and information from David Waites –   or  01328 878240.

Book Club at Barney & Fulmodeston

The November Book Club meeting will be on Tuesday November 22nd at 7pm in the Old School Hall. David Waites will present J.M. Coetzee’s 1999 Booker Prize winning novel, ‘Disgrace’. A film version was made in 2008. Coetzee has since received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

There may be a  Book Club meeting in December – but with no specific book to discuss. Beware – the evening may involve festive fare. January 2012 Book Club date to be announced.

Barney and Fulmodeston Book Club – October 18th 2011.

Our October 18th title will be ‘The Road Home’ 2008 by Rose Tremain – to be presented by Tessa Gent.

The following meeting will be November 22nd – (title to be announced).

N.B.  Book Club will recommence in January 2012.

New members are welcome. Attend at The Old School Hall, Fulmodeston -7pm. You will need to provide contact details.

For further information contact David Waites 01328 878240 or .

Barney and Fulmodeston Book Club – August.

Our September 20 title will be ‘Summer at Gaglow’ by Esther Freud to be presented by Jo Burdett.

Copies will be available by mid August for existing book club members.

New members are welcome at the next meeting (Sept 20) at The Old School Hall, Fulmodeston at 7.00pm. You will need to provide contact details. (October’s book choice will be by Tessa).

For further information and September’s book contact David Waites 01328 878240 or .

The Book Club will meet again in September 2011. There will be no meetings in July or August.
September’s 2011 book choice will be announced later along with a date for meeting.

The group meets at 7.00pm for 7.30pm start at The Old School Hall, Fulmodeston. Newcomers welcome.
Contact David Waites 01328 878240 or

The June 21st meeting will seek to unravel Mike Marshall’s book choice  ‘The Cloud Atlas’ 2004 by David Mitchell (not the TV Comic).

The group meets at 7.00pm for 7.30pm start at The Old School Hall, Fulmodeston.

Newcomers welcome.
Contact David Waites 01328 878240 or at
The Book Club meets on May 17th to discuss/criticise – ‘Birdsong‘ by Sebastian Faulkes, which Sue Vaughan will review for us.

Book Club meets in the Old School Hall, Fulmodeston at 7pm.

Contact David Waites for more about Book Club at  01328878240


The  Book Club Meets on April 19th at 7pm in the Old School Hall, Fulmodeston.

April’s title is Will Self’s satirical quartet of stories Liver. David Waites will provide appropriately diverting refreshment with similar introduction.
Contact David on 01238 878240 if you are interested in joining us.


The Book Club meets on the March 22nd to dissect and discuss Michael Ondaatje’s novel Divisadero which Diana Hiles will present. Ondaatje was a poet before he embarked on a writing career.
Barney and Fulmodeston Book Club: January 2011

After two years as organiser of the village book club, Alan Heath has handed over the reins to David Waites of Barney, who assumed the role at the January 2011 meeting, when the group discussed Ian McEwan’s The Child of Time. Continuing the established pattern, members will take turns selecting the monthly reading choices, the convenor obtaining copies of the books from the Norfolk and Norwich Libraries Service, who have remained firm supporters of book clubs throughout the region. The book for our February 22nd meeting, selected by the Blackmans of Barney, is No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay, a review of which may be found online at
At our meetings we discuss the book in question after a general introduction by the member who nominated the title. Discussions usually last an hour or two and naturally reflect the power of the writing and writer in focus.  Generally the group have stuck to novels – a very wide range of genre – and since an aim was to introduce recent developments in writing we have steered away from  dense Victorian ‘bricks’ or encyclopaedic novels whose sole purpose might be, for instance, to describe a ship’s tackle in the Middle Ages.  We have favoured post-1945 writers, but have been advised by the Libraries service that books newer than three years old will be hard to come by. Alan has found that American authors, even ones with good reputations internationally, are also hard to come by locally.  Occasionally, when a book has been in short supply, members have obtained their own second-hand copies via Amazon.

Members contribute  £1 per meeting to cover hire of the Old School Hall, and to pay for incidentals such as lost books (which has yet to occur) or to supply some future jackpot as yet undetermined.  Refreshments are provided by the person whose book choice is being discussed, and usually consist of wine, juice, and a variety of nibbles ranging from outright gourmet delicacies to birthday cakes to cheese and crackers.  No one leaves one of our meetings thirsty nor hungry.  New members are always welcome, either for a ‘taster’ evening or for longer commitment.

Contact David Waites on 878240 or at David Waites


Book Club Reads Ian McEwan

Having observed holiday hiatus for December, the Fulbarneystone Book Club recovenes on 25 January 2011 at the Old School Hall at 7.00 pm to discuss Ian McEwan’s A Child In Time, which will be presented by Sue Tufnell. The library service is having trouble supplying enough copies for our growing group, so members may need to get a cheap copy from Amazon, or share. If you do not have a copy phone Alan on 878364, please, not that he will be able to work miracles, but he knows a man who can.

Many thanks to Jackie Barnes for arranging our bookings and acting as sub treasurer.

Future convocations are February 22 – we will read No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay, selected by Robert Blackman, and March 22 – book to be decided.  We are a friendly group of locals from as far afield as almost Stibbard and definitely Melton Constable who like reading, talking about reading, and settling down with a nice glass of something Mediterranean.  You’d like us, honest.  Why not come along and find out?


The Book Club met for its November gathering  and improvised a discussion on Jack Kerouac’s cult novel from the 1950’s ‘On The Road’. One member had an original copy in paperback. Reading keeps you young it seems and we discovered several members have a past history of hitch-hiking on diverse continents.

There will be no meeting for December 2010.

January 25th 2011 at the OSH at 7.00pm is the next meeting with Ian McEwan’s ‘A Child In Time’, which will be presented by Sue Tufnell. Meanwhile, Tessa will distribute copies to readers soon.  If you do not have a copy phone Tessa Gent on 878288 please.

We welcome Alan back to the fold after extensive cultural research in old USA. Many thanks to Jackie Barnes for arranging our bookings and acting as sub treasurer.

Other dates for the 2011 are; February 22nd – a book to be selected by Roger Blackman. March 22nd- book to be decided.

New members are always welcome. Books are selected by each member in turn and are generally supplied by the local library service, which we hope politicians in their wisdom will maintain.  The group have resolved to keep to contemporary books (post 1945).

“Big, Brave, Brilliant”: The Village Book Club for October

The Guardian called it “big, brave and brilliant”, while The Times said it was “superbly imagined”.  The Scotsman called it “scintillating”.  So Sally’s recommendation of Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines has the Book Club all awhirl for our October 28th gathering in Old School Hall, 7 for 7.30 as usual. The first instalment of the ‘Mortal Engines’ quartet, it won the Blue Peter Book of the Year Award as well as  the Nestlé Smarties Prize Gold Award and was shortlisted for the Whitbread Book Award.  The books are about the lives of two young adventurers, Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw, who live in a lawless post-apocalyptic world inhabited by moving cities. As Sally said in her introduction to the book at our September meeting, ‘good writing knows no age boundaries’, since adults have also come to love Reeves’ writing.  New members are cordially invited to come along to a session where food, drink, conviviality and reflection center around a chosen book of the month.  Jack Kerouac’s ‘beat generation’ On the Road is the featured book for November. The novel was chosen by Time magazine as one of the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to 2005. The November 16th session will be led by Gill Hinds.  For more info phone Alan on 878364.

Past Meetings

William Trevor’s Summer of Love: A Book Club Idyll
Members of the village book club are reading William Trevor’s novel, Love and Summer, for their 21st September meeting, 7.00 for 7.30 p.m. in Old School Hall.  The discussion will be moderated by Susan Vaughan, whose book choice this is.  They have just finished Victoria Hislop’s tale of  a Greek leper colony, The Island.  The October choice was to have been a selection of classic Norse myths, perfect for nights that are drawing in, suggested by Sally who will chair that meeting, but it seems that there are not enough copies available through Norfolk libraries.   Instead we will read a young adolescent novel, Mortal Engines, by Philip Reeve. Two new members have joined the group over the summer and if you are a reader who loves talking about literature, this is the group for you.  Members come from nether Fulmodeston on the Stibbard borders, from both our villages, and from faraway Melton Constable.  Each gathering is mellowed with snacks and libations, and we have yet to come to blows over differences of opinion.  Phone me on 878364 for more details, or email  The September assembly will also celebrate Jackie Barnes’ birthday, so for those who love chocolate cake, this is just one more incentive for coming along.

For October, we are reading Sally’s recommendation by Philip Reeve which won the Blue Peter Book of the Year Prize and the Nestle Prize, and for November, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.  We have heard that some villagers are reading these books in tandem with us, even though they are not able to attend our get-togethers.  The more readers, the merrier.

Book Club Revellers at the Fun Parade

Book Club Revellers at the Fun Parade in July 2010

The Fulmodeston and Barney Book Club will meet on Tuesday, August 17, at 7 for 7.30 pm, in Old School Hall to discuss Victoria Hislop’s Grecian novel, The Island, the evening to be led by Ann Edwards whose book choice this is.  New members are warmly invited to consider joining our lively group, which seems to be part gourmet dining society, part literary group.  Good eats, choice drinks, and an evening discussing a good book — sound appealing?  Come!  For more details, phone Alan on 878 364 or email


The Fulmodeston and Barney Book Club will meet in Old School Hall on Tuesday evening, July 27, to discuss Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, which Diana has recommended.  She will lead the discussion of the book, a look at a putative dystopia in which scientific experimentation has had dread results.  The club recently met to discuss Tracey Chevalier’s Burning Bright, set in 18th century Lambeth near the home of William Blake.  It seems to us to be a book greater than the sum of its parts, leaving readers with a sense of how urban London life differed from that of rural Dorset, but also making us wish the characters had been more fully developed, the story more gripping.

The book for August will be Victoria Hislop’s The Island.

Members of the Book Club have agreed to take an active part in the villages parade during Arts Week on 20th July, beginning at 4, leaving from Runciman’s Farm on Croxton Road, and ending at the Schofield’s in Barney when the musical soiree with Purcell School students will begin.

Walkers Group

Walkers Group

The Barney and Fulmodeston Walkers Group was started in March of 2006.  It is an informal group and there is no committee. We have had as many as 18 on a walk but there are usually around 12 to 14 people. We walk  on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month and meet at the Old School Hall. The walks are around 4 miles in length. Transport is shared. On returning to the O.S.H. we have light refreshments for which there is a small charge. It is then that the route of the next walk is decided by anyone from the group.

For more informtion contact Rose Le Roy on 878888 or Brian Mann on 878696.

Social Club

Social Club

The Fulmodeston and Barney Social Club 

The Social Club was formed during the mid 1990s and was set up to raise funds for the Old School Hall. The club’s main function is to run the bar within the O.S.H. and a fee is paid to the O.S.H. for the use of the bar room. At the end of the year surplus monies that are not required for the running of the Social Club are transferred to the O.S.H. To conform with the licencing laws the club is run as a members only enterprise. Subscriptions are renewed on April 1st of each year. From 1st April 2010 to March 31st 2011 the subscription is £2.00 per person. Members are entitled to sign in guests. There are two regular weekly bars. These are on Friday evening from 8-30pm to 11-00pm and on Sunday from 1.00pm to 3.00pm. The bar can also be opened by arrangement for functions run by any of its members. The Committee is currently chaired by Dick Le Roy and the Vice Chair is Mel Brodie. The Treasurer and Buyer is Mary Visser and the Secretary is Madeline Ives. Anyone wishing to book the bar for a function should contact the O.S.H. Booking Secretary, Glynis Marshall on 878510. The Chairman’s contact number is 878888.

Local History Group

History Group

The Barney and Fulmodeston Local History Group was started in 2001 to expand the knowledge of the backgrounds of Barney and Fulmodeston and to record information that would otherwise be lost.

During the winter the group meets at the Old School Hall as advertised in the village newsletters.

The group has information about the Stone Age, metal detector finds, churches, schools, railways, early maps etc. From time to time it holds exhibitions – past ones include “Villages at War” and “Now & Then” showing how the villages have changed using maps, photgraphs and written records. The next objective is to begin a book in the Autumn of 2010 summarising what the group has so far accumulated.


For more information please contact  David Yarham on 878709 (e-mail:


Indoor Bowls

Have you ever considered playing indoor bowls?

The Gallows Indoor Bowls Club (based at the sports centre at Fakenham Racecourse) offers introductory classes for beginners.  Saturday mornings 9.30 until 11.30 am throughout the winter beginning on Saturday 25th September.

The first session will be free of charge and then £2 per morning if you wish to continue.  There are bowls and bowls shoes available and the normal dress code of grey skirt/trs and a white top is optional and is NOT a requirement of these sessions.

This is an enjoyable past time that spans the generations and all ages are welcome.

For further information please contact the office or telephone John Wright on Fakenham 01328862854